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Tom Stein's debut novel, TITAN set to drop June 3, 2022

After a decade of work and revisions, Tom Stein's long awaited debut YA novel, TITAN, is set to hit bookshelves Friday, June 3, 2022!

It is the near future in a world that, nearly twenty years earlier, had been ravaged by war, and a fragile semblance of peace has been reached under the newly formed worldwide government. Alex Fischer, a teenager searching for his missing brother, becomes a pawn in a rebel uprising and a politician’s struggle for power. Revealing his long-hidden identity—and extraordinary powers—could be the solution to making amends for his past, or the detriment of the world. Titan, by Tom Stein, is a thrilling new young adult science fiction and dystopian novel, the first volume in a trilogy.

At seventeen years old, Alex Fischer has kept a low profile for most of his life. He and his brother, Levi, had always been isolated from the outside world by their mother, and for good reason. If their secret powers and abilities became known to the wrong people, such as the Peace Federation’s Security Council, their family’s lives would be in peril. A night of bad judgment for Alex six years earlier had proved that to be all too true when his brother Levi disappeared and his mother ended up dead. Alex has been searching for Levi ever since.

It has been seventeen years since the End-War Ceasefire and the world is united under one government, the World Unity and Peace Federation. No longer serving their original purpose during the war twenty years ago, the Juggernauts—human soldiers who had undergone genetic enhancement—are being executed.

Eternal youth wasn’t the only benefit the genetic enhancements had bestowed, either. Strength, speed, intelligence—he had it all. Too bad the power came with such a heavy price. If he’d known the world would be turned against him after the war ended, he never would have taken it.

Betrayed by their government and deemed relics of war, the Juggernauts, led by the infamous Jack Reid, have been revolting for the past fifteen years against the government’s execution of their kind and fighting for their freedom. Additionally, for different reasons, both the Federation and its rebelling adversaries have been searching for the location of a Titan, a perfect human developed with strength and power far surpassing the Juggernauts’ and now considered to be an immense danger. The only other Titan in existence had been covertly captured six years earlier and whose identity has been undisclosed.

As Alex becomes more and more entangled in his growing closeness to the Juggernaut outcasts, his search for Levi, and evading the police and Federation officers, he is kidnapped by a power-hungry politician who has learned of Alex’s formidable abilities. A deal is struck and Alex is promised to be reunited with his brother, if only he helps the politician’s rise to power.

Alex traced the scar on the side of his head, spelling out R E O H...Did the scar have something to do with why Alex was so much stronger and faster than everyone else? He had been searching for the answers for as many years as he had been searching for his brother, but just like Levi, they had eluded him.

The small group of Juggernaut revolutionaries, and especially Jack, have become like a family to Alex, after having none for so many years. But with the promise of finally being able to find his brother with the politician’s help, he is forced to make an impossible decision, one that will have dire consequences—for himself and the world.

Worlds collide for young adult readers who will love the fast-paced thrills, the chemistry between the characters, and the interplay of science fiction and a seemingly dystopian reality in Titan. Author Tom Stein masterfully weaves a story that is timeless, bringing together elements of coming of age, loss and longing, survival, betrayal, and friendship. The Titan is a perfect cross-market read for young adults and adult readers alike who are searching for the next enduring science fiction classic.

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