Tom Stein's Biography

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Author Tom Stein was recognized as having a keen talent for writing early on in his life. He’s been inventing stories since he was a child and, later in high school, won several prestigious Scholastic Gold Key Awards, which recognizes outstanding creative writing by a teen, and also a poetry award. He continued to hone his writing skills through college, journalism school, and law school, taking his time writing twenty-three drafts until perfecting his new sci-fi dystopian young adult novel, Titan. 

Tom believes a good story is one that has characters that are relatable and that the reader can truly empathize with. Whether it’s heroes or villains, all great characters have aspects that humanize them. Most notably in his genre of sci-fi and fantasy, He feels that fiction gives the reader a world to escape to and the thrill of experiencing the impossible and the extraordinary. 

He hopes his young readers come away from his stories learning not to have other people’s expectations rule them and to use their talents in the way that makes them most happy. With Titan, Tom hopes to convey that a family isn’t based on blood; it’s made up of the people who unconditionally love you just as you are.  

When he’s not writing thrilling books for young adults, Tom enjoys playing guitar, taking photos for his photography business, going on adventures (cycling, skiing, road trips), and exploring new places around the city with his fiancé. They live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with their German shepherd, Thor. Titan is Tom Stein's debut novel, the first volume in a trilogy.