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TITAN (2022)

A teenaged boy gifted with incredible power and a dangerous secret searches for his lost brother in a future war-torn world.


Genetically Engineered to be the perfect weapon, Alex must choose between power and family in the face of world peril in this YA sci fi dystopian thriller.

It is the near future in a world that, seventeen years earlier, had been ravaged by war. A semblance of fragile peace has been reached with the formation of a new worldwide government: the World Unity and Peace Federation. Alex, a teenager searching for his missing brother, becomes a pawn in an outlaw rebellion against the Federation and a politician’s struggle for power. Revealing his long-hidden identity—and extraordinary abilities—could be the solution to making amends for his past, or the detriment of the world.   

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About Tom Stein

Author Tom Stein was recognized as having a keen talent for writing early on in his life. He’s been inventing stories since he was a child and, later in high school, won several prestigious Scholastic Gold Key Awards, and also a poetry award. He continued to hone his writing skills through college, journalism school, and law school, taking his time writing twenty-three drafts until perfecting his new sci-fi dystopian young adult novel, Titan.